Tegronomics helps you

Nail Your Web3 Game Economics

Tegronomics is better economics for Web3 games.
A framework for sustainable and scalable game economies, built from experience and backed by proven theses.

Elements of Successful Web3 Games

At the core of ‘successful’ in a Web3 game, is sustainable economics and a great gameplay experience. Any game in which value erodes for some or all participants, dies a swift death. A game that does not entertain is not a game.

Frequency of Utility

Game tokens need to have strong utility within gameplay. Further, these tokens need a high frequency of usage. Today’s Web3 games suffer from low transaction volumes due to the inherent difficulties of buying & selling NFTs.


For an economy to prosper, there is a need for assets to be liquid. NFTs, due to their unique nature, suffer from liquidity issues. On the other hand, fungibles enable investors & traders to participate efficiently and provide liquidity.

Great Gameplay

A game that engages players getting them to invest time and money is the hallmark of a great game. In a Web3 game, as players produce and consume in-game assets, opportunities arise for non-playing participants - traders & investors.

Differentiated Thinking

Slapping on a crypto angle to a traditional game using NFTs does not make for a successful Web3 game. Developers need to think through the entire user experience and how crypto can enhance the game experience.

The Tegronomics Framework

"Economics runs the world"
- Machine Gun Kelly

Tegronomics is developed by experts in crypto, gaming, and economics. An open source economic framework, it proposes the use of fungible tokens as a core element of economy design.

The framework helps Web3 game designers think of sustainability of economy above everything else.



Sheryl Varghese, CMO

CropBytes started in 2018 with a mission to give millions of gamers around the world an opportunity to play, earn and be a part of real-world gaming economy. 4 years later, a duration which is a milestone for many crypto games today, we have grown to 550K+ community members and 200K+ asset holders.

CropBytes is built on sustainable economics, on Tegronomics. Our early players have grown their portfolio over 8000%. The economy is stable and is built to give crypto players immense opportunities to grow in the game metaverse for years to come.